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EcoJet Turbo Robotic Pool Cleaner   EcoJet Turbo
Automatic Pool Cleaner

Sale Price Just: $489.99


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The Ecojet Turbo uses AquaProducts patented Power Washing Jet technology. Uniquely different from all other conventional cleaners, the Ecojet Turbo has a high-pressure impeller on top of the pump motor that directs water through tubes directly to the pools floor to power-wash and loosen stubborn sand and debris from crevices to be vacuumed into the large intake valves located under the pool cleaner. It filters at a rate of up to 4800 gallons per hour as it vacuums and filters out large leaves, twigs, sand, algae and bacteria directly into the pool cleaners internal micro-filter bag. The Turbo is made for pools up to 50’ in surface space and comes with a 3-year pro-rated warranty.


Relax and enjoy your pool. With nearly 25 years of the world's leading robotic engineering quality and innovations, Aqua Product's pool cleaners remain the #1 selling robotic cleaners because they clean better, are more reliable and are backed by the best warranties and support in the industry.

With EcoJet Turbo you get:

  • Complete cleaning of ANY pool in half the time
  • Offset vacuum ports for clog-free operation
  • Largest capacity internal cartridge filter - more debris with less cleanings
  • Industry's healthiest filtration and water circulation
  • Convenient pool cleaning at the touch of a button
  • Best warranty and support network in the industry
  • Maintenance cost savings of up to 50% (chemicals, water, energy)


Designed for Pools: Up to 50'
any pool surface
3 Years/200 cycles prorated
Auto-Shut Off:
Yes, automatically shuts off when cleaning cycle is completed
Yes, digital power supply allows for up to a 7-hour cleaning cycle or automatic operation with existing or auto-control pool equipment
Self-contained reusable 19-quart capacity filter, removes all debris types down to 2 microns
Power Washing Jets:
Hydro scrubbing power-washing jets
Drive Motor:
Individually sealed, oil-free water-cooled
Power Supply:
StayCool™All-weather resistant
Filtration/Circulation Rate :
5600 GPH
Operating Cost:
Estimated 5 ¢ per cleaning cycle
140 Watts
Operating Voltage:
115 V / 60 Hz, 24 V at cleaner
Operating Cost:
Approx. 8 cents/per 2 hour cycle
Safety & Reliability:
Cleaner, cord and power supply are ETL listed to UL Standards-the highest safety and reliability certification in industry
Unit Dimensions / Weight:
16" x 15" x 13" / 16.7 lbs
Shipping Weight :
17.5" x 17.5" x 19.5" / 32 lbs

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