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aquabot duo   DuraMax Trio

Sale Price Just: $5,999.99


Availability: In stock and ready to ship
Shipping: Free Shipping



Recommended for pools up to 150′

The most durable automatic cleaner for Olympic size pools. Its dual Pump Motors and Filter Bags provide ample filtration for pools over 80 and up to 150 feet long. Its double body design is focused on maximum durability, quickness and agility. Factory programmed to automatically vacuum and scrub the pool floor with on-board Brushes, self-contained Filter, Pumps and Drive Motors. Four-direction Radio Remote Control to manually change direction easily. User can change the automatic program to include wall-cleaning or add an hour cleaning cycle delay. Stay-Cool Power Supply with low voltage transformer and 4 button Radio Remote Control included. Digital Display to adjust the cycle for 1-7 hours or Continuous Run to meet exact cleaning needs. 2 year warranty.

Included Equipment

  • DuraMAX Trio – Weighs 61 lbs / 150′ Cable / ETL certified.
  • Stay-Cool Power Supply – 9-Pin (4-wire) Male Socket / ON/OFF switch / 3-prong plug for standard 110 Volt GFI outlet / ETL certified.
  • UltraKart – Durable caddy for easily transporting the cleaner and its equipment.
  • Radio Remote Control – 4 Button remote control: FORWARD / BACKWARD button to reverse direction. LEFT and RIGHT buttons for dual-drive turning. PROGRAM button for 1 hour Delay or alternate floor cleaning mode
  • DeepClean™ Super Brushes – designed for any pool surface, even smooth surfaces like Tile, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Steel, Epoxy or Painted concrete.
  • Beach Boy Air Sensor – Detects Zero-Depth water level like Beach Entry pools.

Optional Add-Ons

  • InfraRed Sensor – Detects obstacles or walls standing 5 inches or less from floor.
  • Raised InfraRed Sensor – Detects obstacles, like hanging bulkheads, that rest 13 inches or less over the pool floor.
  • InfraRed Sensors make the cleaner a floor-only automatic cleaner


Designed For Pools
<= 250′ / 76m
Maximum Pool Size (Gallons / Liters) 1,500,000 Gals. / 5,678,000 Liters
Maximum Pool Size (Sq. Ft. / Sq. Meters)
25,000 Ft2 / 2,323 m2

Filtration / Circulation: Gallons / Liters Per Min.
230 GPM / 871 Liters

RPM Under No Load After The Gear Box
~110 RPM

Cleaner Speed (Feet / Meters per sec.)
1.25 FPS / .38 MPS
Filtration Particulate Removal in microns (Nominal)
< 10µ
Filter Debris Holding Capacity (approx.): pounds / KG
45 lbs. / 20.4 KG
Cable Length (Feet / Meters)
150′ / 46m
Floor / Wall Cleaning
Remote Control
Yes / 4-Direction
Cleaning Cycle Delay
Yes / 1 Hour
Hybrid Feature
DeepClean™ Super Brushes
HydroScrubbing / Power Washing
Pump Motor(s)
Drive Motor(s)
Cleaner Propulsion
DuraTRAX™ Drive
Cleaning Pattern

Air Sensor (Zero-Depth Beach Entry)
Obstacle Evasion (InfraRed, etc.)
Approx. Clean Time
~4 Hours
Automatic Shut-Off / Continuous Operation
Adjustable 1-7 Hours / Continuous Operation

Intake Port Size (Inches / Centimeters)
1.5 x 5 inch -Adjustable / 3.8 x 12.7 cm

Cleaning Path Width (Inches / Centimeters)
43.5 inch / 110.5 cm
Operating Voltage @ 60 cyc.
115v / 30.5v

Energy Consumption in Kilowatts
2 Years
Cleaner Weight (Pounds / Kilos)
65 lbs. / 29.5 KG

Cleaner Dimensions: L x W x H (Inches / Centimeters)
15 x 50 x 12 inch / 38.1 x 127 x 30.5 cm
Packaging Dimensions: L x W x H (Inches / Centimeters)
52 x 21 x 20 inch / 132.1 x 53.3 x 50.8 cm

Ship Weight (Pounds / Kilos)
107 lbs. / 48.5 KG



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